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Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Giving Tuesday was born and incubated at the 92nd Street Y and its Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact in New York City. Giving Tuesday is now an independent nonprofit and a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

giving tuesday

This movement has inspired countless businesses to factor giving back as a major part of their brand. Here at Modern Mama, we would love to highlight this generosity by shining the spotlight on these exceptional companies. On the first Tuesday of every month, we will post a “Giving Tuesday” blog featuring a Canadian company that has made it their mission to give back. If you are a company that would like to be featured, or would like to nominate one, please contact Lesley at

This month we are featuring XhAle Brew Co. They are an Alberta-based brewery making some incredible beer for conscious thinkers and drinkers. XhAle is proudly female and LGBTQ+ run and a supporter of many amazing charities. They aren’t just about the suds XhAle’s BIG goal is to become an employee-owned cooperative to challenge exploitative corporate structure, and further their mission of creating thriving and sustainable communities.

The Founder


Christina Owczarek – Australian born, Canadian Permanent Resident, Citizen of the World. I fell in love with craft beer when I was living in Santa Rosa CA about 12yrs ago, and over the last decade and a bit I have worked in many facets of the industry, studied for professional certifications, and I’m not the first female to teach in the Olds College Brewmasters course. When I’m not beer’ing you can find me sliding down the sides of mountains on two planks in the winter, or camping off some beaten track hiking in the summer. I’m a devoted Momma to two kitties – Penelope & Picard – and the ‘Cool Aunty’ to my 17 & 18yr old teenage nieces.

Why Give Back?


I believe in corporate responsibility, but I also believe in sharing my privilege in the opportunity to do what I do to strengthen the community around me and create opportunities for others. Creating thriving, sustainable, and diverse communities is the foundation of who I am personally, and I am just lucky that I get to do it through my passion for craft beer.

The choices in charities come from a very personal place of connection to causes, and communities. I believe our choices need to come from a place of authenticity, plus also knowing the people you are working with. We also want to make our work ongoing with these causes to avoid tokenism, which means our work is always ongoing and hands-on.




XhAle creates sporting opportunities through the Calgary Kangaroo Footy Club to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it as I believe my opportunity of sporting endeavors saved my life as late-diagnosed ADHD and I want to pass that opportunity on. I am a founding member of Each+Every: Businesses for harm reduction because of my own lived experiences, and friends who I have lost through opioid trauma. I have lost family and friends to cancer so XhAle donates to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and we are soon releasing a new core beer in April called Tripawd Penelope NEIPA that will ongoing give partial proceeds back to Parachutes for Pets in a way to pay it forward/back after the kindness my community showed me in 2021 getting my cat back after needing a leg amputation.


Where Can We Find Your Product?

XhAle Brew Co. is available province-wide across AB and SK. We have a sweet link on our website to find XhAle near you, OR if your favorite local liquor store doesn’t carry us please request they bring us in!


How Can We Show Our Support?

XhAle is a part of the ATB Build Her Business campaign which was established to help women entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. This is an incredible opportunity to help these amazing women and enjoy the products they have to offer through crowdfunding. Click the link here to check out some fantastic boosters to help XhAle do what they do best – make some delicious craft beer, spark important conversations, challenge boundaries, and of course show support for their community.


Coming Soon



Our March release, Queen Bee Honey Blond, is a very special release paying homage to all the women out there building the strongest hives they can build, and will donate partial proceeds to Gems For Gems who we are an ambassador for. They are an organization that aims at ending the cycle of domestic violence by focussing on the financial recovery of survivors. XhAle is also partnered with Danielle who just started Pink Peach Esthetics in Calgary who is a recipient of a Gems For Gems scholarship and a dear friend. Mention XhAle and get your first booking at 10% off 🙂

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