Growth Spurts on a Budget #findthefind

No matter how many times I’ve asked my kids, they just won’t stop growing!  Within months, clothes that are barely worn are too small.  How can you keep up though when you don’t have a large budget?  Luckily for us, Value Village is coming to Spruce Grove!

Value Village

Value Village is a thrift retailer that offers quality, affordable clothing and household goods in a clean, department store-like setting.  You honestly can’t beat their prices!  Let’s talk back to school; You can save 70-90% on back to school basics by shopping at Value Village compared to other retailers.  How can you argue that?  In 2015 alone, the National Retail Federation reported that parents planned to spend over $350 on clothing on shoes for their children.  To me, that’s absurd!  Why spend that much when you can find a full wardrobe, as suggested by Scholastic, for approximately $100!?

I was lucky enough to attend a sneak peek event at the new Value Village Thrift Superstore and given a budget of $50, my goal was to see just how much I could find for that amount.  So exactly what did I find?

  • 2 pairs of boys pants
  • 1 dress
  • 3 girl’s pants
  • 1 girl’s shirt
  • 1 toddler dress
  • 4 toddler pants
  • 2 toddler shirt
  • plus 4 books


After pricing out my purchases at a local “cheap” retailer, I found that I would have spent approximately $100 elsewhere.  Imagine how much I would have saved if I bought clothes for myself too!


Shopping at Value Village is much more than savings though.  Together with their nonprofit partners, Value Village stores divert more than 650 million pounds of used goods from landfills each year by putting these goods into the hands of people who will give them a new life or making sure they are properly reused or recycled.  Also, by donating and shopping for clothes at Value Village, people in the community can integrate going green into their everyday lives, organize their homes and closets, and score unique fashion finds – all while helping to support the missions of Value Village’s local nonprofit partners.

Value Village has also created their #IGiveaShirt campaign.  Each year, people consume over 80 billion pieces of clothing, causing the clothing industry to become one of the world’s biggest polluters!  This back-to-school season, Value Village is challenging people to come together to save 700 million gallons of water through one simple act: replacing one new t-shirt with a thrifted one.  If Value Village gets 1 million people to choose a thrifted t-shirt in place of a new one, it’ll be the equivalent of saving over 1,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools full of water, before the first bell rings.


Donating your clothes to Value Village’s nonprofit partners, instead of ditching them, can help keep hundreds of millions of tons of reusable clothing from piling up in our landfills every year.  You can visit to learn more about Value Village’s Rethink Reuse campaign and #IGiveaShirt.

Value Village is hosting a Grand Opening September 1-3; ribbon cutting at 8:45 am on September 1st.  Will you be there?






*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are of my own.


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