Guinness World Records – DO Try This At Home!

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Do you think you could break a Guinness World Records title? Well, it’s never been easier to attempt, with the new 2019 Guinness World Records Book that even includes instructions in the Do Try This At Home section!

You can attempt a Guinness World Records title using origami, balloon sculptures, ring pulls or rubber bands.

We spent a little time just reading through the book to see amazing feats people have pulled off to break Guinness World Records titles and the entertaining and inspiring stories.

Not only things that people have made, or achieved, but also nature’s amazing Guinness World Records title holders including plants, animals, mountains and trees.

The 2019 edition has placed a special emphasis on the “Maker” movement with a chapter devoted to the inventors, dreamers, crafters and creators who spend their time making record-breaking projects such as the largest water pistol, a jet-powered go-kart and an elephant-sized hamburger (ewww!).

One of my favourite Guinness World Records title holder’s is that of 366 Beer Taps at Raleigh Beer Garden, in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting there twice in the past year, and each time, sampled just a few of the many beers they offer.

So, I will say, my girls and I put in a weak attempt to set a Guinness World Records title with our Do Try This At Home section of the book.

We tried both the Balloon Dogs and the Origami Cube.

My attempt at making three balloon dogs in the fastest time possible, ended abruptly, neither me nor my girls could successfully build even one balloon dog. I’d make a horrible children’s entertainer.

The Origami Cube wasn’t much easier and after folding up several “Sonobe” to create the cube itself, I failed miserably at trying to fit them all together to form a cube.

But you should give it a shot, who knows, your creation might just make it into the 2020 edition! It’s important to remember, however, that breaking a Guinness World Records title is never easy, so be prepared for things to not always work. If at first you don’t succeed, look for some inspiration and then try again!

Check out the 2019 Guinness World Records book now available at multiple places in Canada. The book is geared towards children 8-12years old, but I personally think it’s fun for the whole family, I myself flipped through as part of my Sunday couch + reading time. It retails for $34.95.

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