Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 5 PINS and things to do with your kids

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By: Lee-Anne Ekland

We love Pinterest here on Modern Mama. And when a day like St. Patrick’s Day comes it’s so much fun to see what sort of activities and fun can be had with our little leprechauns. The possibilities are endless really but we’ve managed to put together 5 things to do with your kids today. And even though it’s already noon, there’s still lots of time to insert some some green cheer into your day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

1. Make Glitter Playdough

Glitter goes with anything, don’t you think? I love how this craft keeps little fingers and brains busy for hours.

2. Make Irish Soda Bread

Yum. This is super easy to make and

3. Wine Cork Shamrocks

I think we might have a few wine corks laying around the house, but if you don’t you can always use potatoes or cut green peppers.

Take a quick trip up to your local craft store, which is fun in itself sometimes (really?) and grab yourself some festive foamy stickers like the ones shown here.  This is super adorable. I think I’ll even make one for my son!

5. Shamrock Deviled Eggs

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this! So easy and fun to do and pretty too!

Now all you have left is do is look for that pot of gold! But be careful, those leprechauns are up to no good. Don’t be surprised if you find green footprints all over your house!

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