Hey Google, Thank you for Making my Life Easier

Hello Google

My life is pretty hectic and anything that I can do to make my life even a little bit easier, is a welcome thing.  Several years ago we discovered Google Home assistant. We started off with a few Google Nest mini devices and expanded to include a Google Nest (with a screen).  Now we have several devices in our home and of course on our phone/computers/tablets.   I have found that using Google has been extremely helpful in my chaotic, busy life as a parent.  From helping me keep track of things I need, places I need to be, soothing music and ease of setting alarms and controlling our smart home devices.  I only access a fraction of the commands that the Google Assistant is capable of.

Here are several useful google commands to help make your life easier.


“Hey Google….. Set an alarm  (i,e. for weekdays at 7am) ”

“Hey Google……Add tomatoes to the shopping list”

“Hey Google…….What is the weather like this week?”

“Hey Google….Set a 10 min timer”

“Hey Google……Play Moshi sleepy paws”

“Hey Google…..Tell me a joke”

“Hey Google……Remind me to pick up my kids tonight at 9 pm”

“Hey Google……Ask Headspace to meditate”

“Hey Google….Turn on do not disturb”

“Hey Google….Show me recipes for the best Caesar salad dressing”

“Hey Google…kids sleep” playlist”

“Hey Google…Tell me a story

“Hey Google….Turn on/off the lights”

“Hey Google….Dim the lights to 50%”

“Hey Google….Turn off the living room TV”

“Hey Google…Play music to wake up to”

“Hey Google…Find my phone”

“Hey Google….Flip a coin”

“Hey Google……show me the front door camera”

“Hey Google…. call my husband”

“Hey Google… read a bedtime story”

“Hey Google….. play a lullaby”

“Hey Google …. set a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle alarm”

“Hey Google… broadcast wake everyone up” or “”Hey Google…. broadcast “dinner is ready”

“Hey Google…. good morning/good night ” ( *set up routines first)

“Hey Google… how long will it take me to get to work”

“Hey Google… what’s on my calendar?”

“Hey Google… convert 90F to Celsius”

Tina Evans




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