Home Gym Must-Haves #HappyRenewYear

numbered gym must haves

Hoody // Elliptical Trainer // Introduction to Yoga Kit // Bluetooth Media Player
Resistance Band // Fitness Ball // Fitness Leggings // Hand Towel // Nike Runners

Looking to set yourself up for success with fitness right at home? Then look no further, this is my must-haves list to work out at home.

I wrote a post last week about getting back on track with my New Year’s health and wellness goals.

I am NOT a gym rat.

I hate working out, in fact.

If I don’t make exercise easy-access, I’m simply not going to follow through. So I’ve always done videos at home or worked out at our complex’s community gym, with the occasional group class.

The elliptical is my cardio machine of choice and something I use regularly at my amenities building. If it weren’t for that, I would purchase one to have all to myself.

Everything else in my list are basics you need to have on hand (in addition to a streaming device to watch your favourite series while exercising!).

If you’re looking for workout videos to follow along, you can find almost anything online. There are even subscription websites dedicated to yoga and various types of workouts.

So, on to my list. Here are nine must-haves for an at-home gym:

  1. Hoody $19.94 – Who doesn’t want to look cute before and after your workout?
  2. Elliptical Trainer $2299.99 – Like I said already, my favourite of the cardio machines.
  3. Introduction to Yoga Kit $29.99 – Haven’t done yoga before? This kit will get you started with a video, mat and more!
  4. Bluetooth Media Player $144.99 – I love the retro look of this bluetooth music player!
  5. Resistance Band $19.99
  6. Fitness Ball $33.99
  7. Fitness Leggings $19.97 – Great fabric for both during workouts and for everyday.
  8. Hand Towel $8.99 – A gorgeous selection of colours to complement your work-out space.
  9. Nike Runners  $75.99 – A fabulous price on the best brand runners out there.

So for the 64% of us who gave up on our resolutions by now I say, WE CAN STILL DO IT.

Get to it!


Good luck mama, and let me know how it’s going for you!


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