How Does She Do It? Celebrity Edition: Jody Vance


We just needed to know how City news anchor and Breakfast Television Vancouver host Jody Vance is able to do it all!

Jody, born and raised in Vancouver, has more than two decades of broadcasting experience and has strong ties to the community. Jody is the first woman in Canadian television to host her own sports program in prime time.  Previously, she worked for Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment doing live, unscripted pre- and post-game broadcasts for all of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ home games. Vancouver radio listeners also know her from “The Jody Vance Show”.

Jody’s most proud accomplishment is her #1 guy, son Brady (“light of her life”). She is also an animal lover, foodie and huge sports fan.

 Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

We are Urban.  I live on the West Side of Vancouver….where my parents met and grew up. Many childhood memories as I stroll down West Broadway for groceries and such.  Love my hometown and am thrilled to raise my son here.

Tell us about your children.

I have one son, Brady, he’s 7 ½ going on 12.  Hilariously empathetic young man.  He’s my miracle – an IVF baby after years of fertility treatment.  He’s an angel (with a good dose of character).

Do you have help?

Absolutely.  We have a lovely nanny, Leilanie.  She’s been with us since our return to Vancouver from Toronto in 2009.  We sponsored her family to come from the Phillipines, they finally arrived last year and now my “live in nanny” has moved around the corner from us and is pregnant with her “little Canadian”.  Thrilled to call her family and love to have her support early each morning while I’m hosting Breakfast Television.

Who cooks dinner?

I’m so lucky, my significant other is an executive chef professionally – and he LOVES to cook at home too.  When he is busy at work, I cook.  Out of high school I attended Culinary School therefore love to cook.  Brady is also getting to the point where he helps……clearing the table at the very least.

How often do you buy something for just you?

Not often enough.  I’m trying to remember the last thing………wait, three months ago I bought myself a tiny wishbone pendant at Hills.  Two weeks ago I spontaneously gifted it to my friend who was visiting from Toronto.  I guess I’m going back today to buy another! Thanks for the reminder.

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

Religiously walk my two dogs Fenway and Baxter 5K every day.  Keeps me sane and keeps them healthy.

What clothing lines/stores do you like to buy for your children?

Carters was my go to when Brady was little, I was sad when he outgrew it.  Now I’m all about the Joe Fresh for kids and Hatley for PJ’s!

Complete the following:

I’m totally obsessed with 

Growing food in my garden.

Three things in my purse right now

Sunglasses, lip balm and mints.

My favorite drugstore buy is ….

Hawkins Cheezies!

My guilty pleasure is ….

Strongbow cider.

Thank you Jody!

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