How To Choose Shapewear Bra for an Active Lifestyle


Today’s world is fast-paced and many people around the world can maintain an active lifestyle. Many will hit the gym, some others will practice yoga, and for some, running errands will be their daily activity, but in the end, they are always on the move.

Let’s be honest, staying active doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our comfort or our style, especially when we are talking about undergarments. There’s a specific style of shapewear that has been designed for an active lifestyle and it is the wholesale sports bra. This piece will offer the perfect blend of style, functionality, and support.

As happens with shapewear, there are going to be many options available, and being able to choose the right one can always be daunting for some. We want to help you with a little guide that will give you all the information you need to select the right shapewear bra for your active lifestyle.


Support should be a priority

This is probably one of the most crucial factors to consider when you are looking for a shapewear bra. Make sure you are looking for bras that have a reinforced underwire or very strong elastic bands, because they will provide a lot of support, especially during activities that include high-impact, like cardio workouts or running.

They should also have multiple hook-and-eye closures and adjustable straps that will provide a customizable fit. You’ll be ensuring maximum support and comfort during the day.

Moisture-wicking fabrics are a must

During physical activity, something that is inevitable is moisture buildup and sweat. If you are looking to stay comfortable and dry, make sure you are choosing a nice wholesale fashion deep cup bra made out of fabrics that are moisture-wicking like spandex, polyester, and nylon. These amazing materials wick away the sweat and moisture from your skin. You will be kept fresh and cool during the most intense workouts.


The importance of a seamless construction

Usually, seams and stitching cause chafing and irritation, especially during activities that involve lots of movement. Make sure you choose bras that have a seamless construction because the friction will be minimized and you will be provided with a comfortable and smooth fit. They will also offer a sleeker silhouette, especially during form-fitting workout attire. You will always look your best.

Breathability is as important

Breathability can be considered another factor that is essential and should be considered. This is extremely important if you intend to wear your wholesale shapewear in hot weather or extended periods. Your bra should have mesh panels or designs with perforations, this will allow optimal airflow and keep you comfortable and cool all day long, or for as long as you wear your bra.

Usually, bras that have moisture-wicking properties, have enhanced breathability, which makes them the best choice for individuals that are active and always love to be on the move.

Always consider the compression level

The level of compression that your chosen shapewear bra will offer you can vary depending widely on the materials used and the design that they have. Usually, the best choice for an active lifestyle is bras with moderate with firm compression. This will provide the right support level without making you feel too constricted.

Thanks to these bras, your bust will be contoured and smoothed, while you’ll also be allowed to have freedom of movement during your favorite physical activities.


Versatility is key

Your chosen shapewear bra should offer you versatility for many different activities. For example, if your bra has convertible straps, this bra can be worn in many different ways. These ways can be halter, crisscross, and the traditional one. You will also be allowed to customize the whole fit to suit your workout outfits. If your bra has removable padding or even inserts, they can add more customization options and of course, more versatility.

Fit and size

This might sound like it’s obvious, but sometimes for so many people, it isn’t. The reality is that proper sizing is always crucial not only to achieve effectiveness but also comfort when we are talking about shapewear bras but also about shapewear in general.

To find the right size for your shapewear bra, make sure you are taking accurate measurements on your under bust and bust, so you can determine the size, always check the sizing chart that the manufacturer offers and feel guided too.

It’s always important to remember that different brands usually if not all the time, will have different standards of sizing. If it’s in between the possibilities, make sure you try on the bra and asses the fit before buying your chosen piece. Don’t forget to consider pieces with adjustable closures and straps to get a customizable fit.


To be able to choose the best shapewear bra for your active lifestyle, you will be required to carefully consider some factors, including size and fit, support if they have seamless construction, versatility, compression level, and breathability.

If you give the utmost priority to these aspects, be sure that you will be able to find the shapewear bra that will offer you the right combination of style, comfort, and support that will not only complement your lifestyle but will also make you look your best and stay comfortable throughout the day.


No matter if you are practicing yoga, hitting the gym, or simply running errands, you won’t only be staying active and having some kind of activity during the day, the right shapewear bra will keep you feeling comfortable and confident during these activities.

Feeling confident should be one of the feelings that shapewear bras should offer you, as usually, people tend to opt for shapewear because there might be one or two, or even more insecurities that will make us choose wearing shapewear to have more confidence, self-assurance and self-love about our bodies. Some others will enjoy more the support that is provided by them, especially during activities that imply a lot of movement.

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