Imagination Movers Tour Preview


What an epic event! While I know my son, 17 months, will not remember a thing, the pictures he will look back on one day will tell the story. He got to hang out, privately, with the Imagination Movers!!!

Recently, we were invited to attend a private concert featuring the Imagination Movers in Toronto. They are gearing up for a major tour this Fall so watch out for news updates on Modern Mama media outlets:  Website, Twitter and Facebook

Although I am just now learning about Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche and Scott “Smitty” Smith, aka The Imagination Movers, they have been selling out performances since their start in 2003 in their hometown of New Orleans. One things for certain, these guys are not only popular with the kids, but they sure do have a following of Mommy groupies, although you probably wouldn’t ever hear them admit it 😉

Their kind, upbeat, funny and friendly personalities are contagious. Honestly, I have no doubt that if anyone is having a bad day, these guys would certainly cheer them up. Whether with thier signature songs, totally engaging acts, or simply their one on one sincerity, you can’t help but smile from the inside out!

We were advised to arrive early so as to experience their warm up and sound check, which were very cool since we got to see the “behind the scenes Movers” in action. There were a handful of us Mommy & Daddy bloggers feeding and chasing our kids throughout and what was great was the guys came over and made sure to all personally welcome us to their show. Some of their prep included busting out their lyrics (of course),  but also the inflation of some very LARGE balloons with a pretty nifty contraption. This contraption was later used to disperse rolls of toilet paper over the screaming tiny fans! So not only are they talented, they are also quite creative too 🙂

IM_2 (4)IM_2 (3)

During the hour long performance they had all the kids on their feet jumping and dancing and twirling…hmmm, did the kids even realize they were actually exercising??? Good way to incorporate some action into their day. Personally, my son’s favourite part was when they released the GIANT balloons. We reached and “boing’d” them whenever they came close, clearly they were a favourite of everyone there.

Afterall the excitement and at the end of the show, the students were ushered out and once again we were alone with Rich, Scott, Dave, Smitty while they recorded short segments and short commercials about their upcoming tour. We hung around just long enough for my little Guy to get a quick picture with them and was lucky enough to get his very own Disney Junior t-shirt autographed by the whole crew! Now that was cool!

IM_1 (2) IM_1 (4)

One thing I remember most about attending concerts is singing along with the band. So, for those who want to make sure you know ALL their songs and absolutely LOVE the Imagination Movers and their music, its available for purchase on their website on CD or iTunes.

Below are all the details to get you ready for their upcoming tour.

For exact locations and venues, click here
To purchase tickets, click here
TV Show information: On Disney Junior, weekdays at 3:00 p.m. EST and weekends at 2:30 p.m. EST. Select episodes of Imagination Movers are also available on Disney Junior OnDemand.

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