Introducing the guzzie + Guss Connect Stroller!




We are excited to tell you about an all-new guzzie+Guss groundbreaking stroller. At a time when stripped down, minimalized strollers seem to be the craze, guzzie+Guss has gone the opposite direction to deliver the most comfortable stroller in the market.

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It starts with baby and the innovative THERMOMesh breathable seat. Long in design, the toddler friendly seating area has built-in honeycomb Polypropylene mesh that helps keep the rider cool and dry. A well-vented, extendable canopy enhances circulation. Superb shocks and sturdy rubber tires ensure a smooth roll.

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“Absolutely comfortable and a breeze to push every step of the way”, says beta tester Michelle Peterson, who has been using the stroller for long walks to the grandparents for a year now.


Without a standard rear axle, Connect allows users of all heights to walk with a natural stride. “I love the leatherette handles and knowing bottles and other baby supplies are protected in the covered cargo basket”, Michelle adds.

Just some of the features we are in love with!

  • Breathable seat
  • Reversable & adjustable seat
  • Large basket
  • Adjustable handle
  • Suspension
  • Rubber tires

Connect is now available at select specialty retailers throughout North America. Learn More here.

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guzzie+Guss is a Canadian company inspired by founder and CEO’s daughters childhood nickname guzzie, (pronounced “goozy”), and her imaginary friend Guss, together with his desire to make high-end baby gear affordable and cool.

We have a Connect stroller for you to WIN! This stroller is valued at $599 Canadian!

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    I have this stroller and am in love with it! It was so difficult finding a stroller that checked so many of the boxes that I needed but this one checked the most!

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    I love it SO much! If I win I’m going to buy the other Connec+ pieces (to make the seat a high chair or baby seat) LOVE the navy with leather accent xoxoxoxo

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