Introducing: Sarah Joseph of Prenatal to Parenting

Meet another one of our amazing parenting experts who will be speaking and part of our panel at tomorrow’s Toddlerfest & Expo event.

SarahJosephWhat is your background and what led you to be a parenting educator?

I have a background in social work. I have been working with women and their families for about ten years now, in a variety of settings. When I had my first child I was working at a Parent Education and Support Centre. I was developing new curriculum for their parent education services and facilitating several parent support groups.Facilitating parent support groups and parent education workshops in the community since 2009 has given me the opportunity to explore my passion for working with families. I have developed several parenting education workshops that have proven quite popular in the community and successful in providing parents with new skills to improve their everyday lives. I continue to offer workshops in the community and offer similar services to individual families in their homes through my parent coaching services.


Do you have any children?  How old are they?

I have two kids myself. My son Parker is 4.5 years old and my daughter Zola just turned 2.

Why are you passionate about Toddlers?

As a mom of a toddler I understand the frustration of trying to get out of the house on time and of dealing with tantrums. I also get how exhausting all those demands a toddler makes can be. The toddler years are incredibly challenging but they are also incredibly exciting. Our babies are growing, changing and learning so rapidly and their little (or big) personalities are really starting to shine. I love providing parents with information that can change their outlook of the toddler years from terrible to terrific. I’m passionate about helping parents understand the difference between punishment and discipline. I believe that helping our children become capable, competent, happy people starts in these early years and I teach parents to use discipline that teaches young children in a kind, respectful, and gentle manner.

How would your life change if you had the tools to ease the hassles, stop the tantrums and understood what was driving those behaviours that push your buttons?

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