How Does She Do It?…Jennifer Wing

It’s time for another How Does She Do It! We are thrilled to introduce you to Jennifer Wing from Edmonton.

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Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

I’m an Urban Mama, I was born and raised here in Edmonton.

Tell us about your children

I have two children. A son who is almost 4 and my seven month old baby girl. My son was high needs from day one with reflux and allergies and he hated sleep.  My daughter is the complete opposite so far and is keeping us on our toes as she tries to keep up with her big brother.

Tell us about your typical weekday

Up and ready to go by 6:00AM.  We have breakfast, get dressed and drive my son to school.  Then my daughter and I go grocery shopping or run errands.  After picking up her brother we go have lunch and get ready for a nap.  In the afternoons my son has activities such as swimming lessons, karate and soccer.  Medicine and bedtime by 8:00 pm.

Do you have help?

My mom and dad are a great help.

Who cooks dinner?

Cooking is a shared responsibility between my husband and I.  My son is anaphylactic to dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.  We are responsible for reading labels and ensuring the food made is safe for him.

How often do you buy something for just you?

Not very often – I think the last thing I treated myself to was a book.

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

The kids and I love going for walks around Beaumaris lake.

What clothing lines/stores do you like to buy for your children?

I like Old Navy and Oshkosh.

Complete the following:

I’m totally obsessed with…

Watching Greys Anatomy – I recently watched seasons 1-10.

Three things in my purse right now … 

Wallet, diaper and an epi pen

My favorite drugstore buy….

Vitamin d drops and diapers (only when on sale!)

My guilty pleasure is….

Cheesecake from Costco!!

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