Jolly Table – Dinner Ingredients to Your Door!

I love cooking, there is something magical about using fresh ingredients to create a delicious dish to bring your family around the table to enjoy time together and a home cooked meal. However I don’t love going to the grocery store, or when you’re half way through a recipe and realize you’ve forgotten an ingredient.. or three.

When I discovered the Jolly Table I was so excited to try it, this service allows you to choose your meal and they delivery pre-portioned and labeled market fresh ingredients to your door (in a refrigerated box), you don’t even have to be home for delivery! Along with local fresh ingredients they include a comprehensive step-by-step recipe that has photos to show all of the details.

The Jolly Table has been bringing Calgarians market fresh food for the past two years, their mission is to make good clean eating convenient again, something we can definitely get behind!

You can view the menu options here, I was excited to see they offer both vegetarian and gluten-free options! I selected the Gnocchi with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Pecans and it was a major hit.










Wanting to give the Jolly Table a try? Check out their starter packs.

this post is sponsored by the jolly table

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