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Language Learning by the Book

When I was a language teacher in Japan many years ago I found it fascinating that English was learned mostly through reading and writing. In fact, it was rare that listening and conversational skills were even part of their ‘traditional’ study of the English language.

So much of learning a language is about interaction and understanding of the culture. It seems a waste of time that one would study so hard (seven years in most cases) and at the end of it not be able to hold a conversation in English.

I suppose that was why native speakers like myself were hired in the classrooms in Japan. The culture we brought to the classroom really helped their understanding and encouraged the students to put into practice what they learned.

An Immersive Experience

Fast forward many years later and things haven’t changed all that much. My family hosts university students from Japan (who had to pass intensive English exams to get in) and still English comprehension is a struggle for most of them.

But what if they could actually immerse themselves in the language they were learning? That’s what they are doing in Vancouver to be sure. But what if as children they had a chance to be immersed in a second language learning classroom? My guess it would change their entire experience.

For children in Vancouver who are either learning a second language or if English isn’t their first language there is a solution.

Language Learning for your Littles

LSV Academy Inc. is the ONLY boutique language academy in Vancouver providing specialized small group language learning and private language tutoring for children 3 to 14 years old. English. French. Mandarin.   

LSV Academy leverages children’s nature curiosity into laying down solid Mandarin language foundation. Parents have commented that they notice a difference in children’s interest level to Mandarin in as little as a few classes.

A Parent’s Testimonial

“We have actually seen improvement in his Mandarin. He didn’t want to speak Mandarin before he joined the class…and had no interest in learning Mandarin. He’s now more interested in finding out the Mandarin names for fruits, animals…”

At LSV Academy, the Mandarin phonetic system (Bopomofo) is taught to young children through vocabulary building, and traditional Chinese rhymes, songs, stories, and poetry. Children and youth alike are immersed in a complete Mandarin speaking learning environment that is both supportive and fun. Different classes are offered throughout the week for children with different Mandarin language ability, from absolute beginner to advanced reading and writing.

Two children and teacher in classroom, writing

Learning French through Conversation and Etiquette Classes

LSV also has an interesting and conversational approach to learning French. French is learned through conversation, stories, songs, and rhymes. LSV offers a fun and chic way to learn French through the Saturday French Immersion “Etiquette” class where girls learn to be ladies, and boys gentlemen.

Finally, LSV’s approach to English is supportively unique. For children whose first language is not English, our unique association learning approach can help children and youth learn the language, reading, writing, and speaking, in an extremely short amount of time.

Classes are offered through the day and early evenings Monday through Friday.

And for the families looking for more attention for their children, LSV offers one-on-one customized learning.

For more Information

LSV Academy Inc.

Address: 201 – 2031 West 41 Ave. Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 676-9480

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This post was brought to you by the Soleil Group. I was compensated for including this post in your newsletter and on the blog but as always, I never promote or write about something I don’t believe in. I love Little Sunshine Academy’s philosophy and what they are doing for our community.

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