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It is with great excitment and passion that I am happy to announce Modern Mama’s arrival in Greater Vancouver!

I moved to Edmonton, Alberta from the lower mainland four years ago.  I was used to working fulltime and had a live-in nanny while doing so and living here.  My husband got a promotion and transfer to Edmonton so we took it, allowing me to suddenly be a stay-at-home mom.  I had 2 and 4 year old daughters at that time, and I was suddenly bored and restless at home.  I knew I wanted to create something, a business, a hobby, something to keep my mind engaged and myself busy – with my girls in tow.  At that moment, was born.  What is it?  It’s events for moms.  I wanted to get out of the house then, and I remembered what it was like when my first (and second) were born and needing engagement and support from other moms going through similar struggles, life challenges, long days and all that new-mom stuff.  I wanted to get out and enjoy parts of myself that felt lost somewhere – like fashion, beauty, arts and culture.  So i started to create events for moms in early 2008 in Edmonton.  Created a simple website alone and tried to tell moms one-by-one, a little at a time.  Today Modern Mama Edmonton has grown to become regular events, including workshops, luncheons, shopping and beauty events, an online social network and a hyper-local blog for moms in Edmonton.

My wish is to create the same community for moms here in Vancouver.  My husband was transfered back recently, this summer of 2011 and here I am living back in Beautiful Vancouver.  I am happy to be here and can’t wait to get started!!  Please comment and let me know what event (or types of events) you would like to see happening here, for you!  I’m hoping to cover all of the lower mainland, so don’t be shy!

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