Local Feature: Polar Stroller

What is Polar Stroller?

Polar Stroller is a user friendly set of skis that attaches to your stroller to give you the ability to go anywhere in the winter.The skis are very quick and easy to put on and take off, great for when you need to grab a coffee or the pathways have been cleared. In the deep snow they give you the float you need and on the hard, compact, bumpy trails they glide over it, giving your child a smooth ride, perfect for nap times and spilling your coffee!


Polar Stroller skis are based on cross-country skis, made from very durable, high-density polyurethane. They have a serrated pattern on the base, which resists backward motion when going uphill. The adjustable bindings, which the stroller wheels fit in to, are made from lightweight aluminum alloy and you get a custom-made carry bag for when your skis are not in use. The skis are wax less and require no maintenance!


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Polar Stroller is a small family business!

Kelly & Glen Patterson; a husband and wife duo from Calgary founded Polar Stroller in 2013; after a month of trying to push and pull an all terrain stroller through the snow. With a passion for being outdoors and staying active with their child Kelly & Glen wanted a safe; comfortable way to move a stroller through the snow. Glenn, a design engineer, went to his drawing board. The 2015 Polar Stroller line requires no tools to adjust the binding size & includes a black silicone anchor strap that feeds through the wheel and cable safety leash making the whole product that much easier to use!


Where can I find Polar Stroller?

At this time Polar Stroller Skis can be purchased online and start at $99.99 and you can find more information here! You can connect with Polar Stroller on Facebook; Twitter & Instagram as well!




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