Local Review: BrightPath Kids

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I had the opportunity to tour the new BrightPath Kids Centre in Clayton Heights (192nd Street & 72nd Avenue) this week. I admit, I was impressed.

This would be the place to check out if you are in need of group care for your 6 week – 12 year old.

Several highlights for me were…

Age Specific Outdoor playgrounds

With different age groups come different needs for learning, play and exploration outdoors. BrightPath ensures each age group (infant, preschool, older child) has their own space for appropriate imaginative play in construction and sensory areas. The infant playground has no large structures, just small playhouse and crawling tunnel plus lots of grass to run in.

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In House Chef

Hot meals and two snacks per day are made in the kitchen on site. The menu changes weekly and is approved by a registered dietician.  Not having to send lunches & snacks (and the facility is 100% nut free too) is a huge plus for parents.


We live in the age of technology, plain and simple. Kids need to learn how to type, use a computer and navigate tablets and smart boards. BrightPath uses age-appropriate technology sparingly and provides access to progress reports to parents. I love this!

Parent Engagement Tool (App)

This for me would be the clincher in whether or not to use this facility over another. The App (releasing very soon for Centre parents) will share photos, videos, menu & meal information, messages, progress reports and even daily successes and moods of the children with their parents via a mobile app! Talk about feeling rest assured during a busy day at work that your child is in good hands, and really what ARE they doing? Did they nap, eat, and so on? So amazing if you ask me.

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The buses for before & after school trips. The centre can service up to four schools. The centre is open from 6am to 6pm.

Check it out online and get in touch with them at the centre (778-571-4734) with any questions you may have.


* This is a sponsored post but as always, all opinions are my own.

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