Local Review: Time Out Beauty Retreat


Last week I decided to treat myself to a much needed massage.  My husband works out of town though so finding someone to watch the kids can be difficult at times.  What a perfect opportunity to finally check out Time Out Beauty Retreat!  I phoned to book my massage but they do offer an online booking system.  I was saddened to hear that I could not get in within the next couple of days, but I take that as a good sign if I cannot get in until a week later.


Time Out Beauty Retreat offers the same amenities as a typical salon and spa, but with the added childcare.  The benefit of using their childcare is that all of their childcare staff are first aid and CPR certified and have undergone a criminal records check.  The cost of using this service is also reasonable; $4.00 for the first child, $3.00 for the second, $2.00 for the third, $1.00 for the fourth, and any other children are at no cost.  Having 2 of my children in the childcare room is much cheaper than hiring a babysitter in my home at a minimum of $10.00 per hour.  Keep in mind though, there is a fee if you have to cancel with less than 24 hours notice though.

Upon entering the spa, I did have to fill out some paperwork for my children before I could go to my appointment, but they let Brody go into the childcare room immediately, as he was excited to go play and probably wouldn’t sit and wait patiently as I completed the paperwork.  Once I was done, I brought Hannah into the room and explained to the staff member my daughter’s needs.  The childcare room was full of bright colors and lots of things for the kids to play with; both things for my 6 month old and my 5 year old.

time out play area

The Spa

After I checked the kids in, I went back out to check in for my massage.  The receptionist brought me back into the spa waiting room to complete some paperwork for my massage.  The seating area was comfortable and relaxing.  My massage therapist came out to introduce herself to me and brought me into the room.  In the room, we went over the paperwork and discussed any issues I was having.  I was impressed when she examined my spine and my body’s alignment.  I have never had a massage therapist do this before and I was happy to know that she wanted to ensure my body was balanced and ready for a relaxing massage.  She walked me through an exercise to help balance the sides of my body as my shoulders were out of alignment.  Once my body was aligned, she left me to prepare for the massage.

time out waiting area
The massage itself was wonderful.  The therapist spent some time focusing on the areas that I asked her to and really make me relaxed.  The best part was knowing that my children were close in case something happened but also not being able to hear them.  Once the massage was done, the therapist let me slowly get dressed and met me back in the waiting area.  She gave me a glass of water and gave me instructions on caring for myself later that evening.  It was nice to know that she cared for my well-being instead of just shoving me out of the door.

The Verdict

I definitely recommend going to Time Out Beauty Retreat.  I felt that my overall health mattered to the staff and that I was more than just another dollar.  The staff was polite and professional and the atmosphere was relaxing and lovely.  My children loved the childcare room and I felt comfortable having them there.  I think it’s time you treated yourself and tried out their services as well!

Have you gone to Time Out Beauty Retreat?  What was your experience?





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