Mama Blogs featuring Kristina Cross of {swank}mama!

kristina cross

It’s day three of our five days featuring some of Vancouver’s amazing Mom Bloggers.

Today, it’s the beautiful and stylish Kristina Cross, author of the {swank}mama blog and mom to three – Miss S, Lil J, and Baby Z as us readers have come to know them.

What I love about {swank}mama:
Krista writes a very accessible and personal blog on all things beauty, shopping, fashion (for mom & baby), and parenting. Most recently, she’s chronicled her second pregnancy and birth of Baby Z, who is now two and a half months old. Mom bloggers who write through those first months of a new baby are truly amazing in my book. When my son was two months old I was impressed with myself if I changed my clothes and wrote a couple emails!

As a {swank}mama, Kristina is all about being the best mom you can be, while still maintaining your own personal style. As a reader, I’d say she’s succeeding on all fronts!

Other common features on the {swank}mama blog include lots of interesting product reviews/giveaways and some open discussions on topics like postpartum weight loss, parent guilt, and the ups and downs of raising a tween and a toddler.

 What I’d like to ask Kristina:
– When doing a product review or giveaway, how do you choose what to accept and not accept? And…what if you  end up not liking the product?
– Why did you start your blog, and what inspires you to continue writing it?
– What’s the funniest comment you’ve received on your blog? Anything memorable?

Kristina will be on our panel of amazing Mom Bloggers at our Mama Blogs! event on September 12th.

We’ll be featuring all our panelists this week. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured blogger:  Andrea Firmani of Mama in the City!

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