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It’s Friday and the final day we’re featuring our amazing speaker line-up for Mama Blogs! on September 12th.

Today, we are featuring online magazine and resource,

I just love the premise of, a hyper-local online magazine with the tagline love where you live. The magazine delivers on this tagline by featuring everything great about Vancouver with a focus on moms and families.

The magazine is great at covering the Vancouver lifestyle with a family & mom angle. There are features on fashion, shopping, events, restaurants, culture, and more. My favourite thing about is how they are always uncovering places you haven’t heard of. Recent food features include how to get some great beef jerky, a feature on 24-hour restaurants, and Gluten-free friendly family restaurants.

Another thing I love about the magazine is their assumption that us, the readers, are the experts. They regularly do “You Say” features, giving readers the chance to weigh in on everything from the best ice cream to the best baby photographers in Vancouver. I think of it is as a type of crowd sourcing for the best information. Based on their results and features – it’s effective.

And of course, magazine founder Christine Pilkington devised the Top 30 Mom Bloggers feature and annual party in their honour – an amazing way to highlight other Vancouver moms who love where they live. Christine was also the inspiring source behind the organization of Mama Blogs as well! is a presenting partner in Mama Blogs! Christine will be introducing Melissa, Amber, Kristina, and Andrea – our four lovely  mom blogger panelists at Mama Blogs! on September 12th. I can’t wait.

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