Mama Blogs! Finding your voice to start a blog

Mama Blogs – Finding your voice & inspiration to write a blog

Wed. September 12th, 7pm, Cactus Club Broadway & Granville
Presented by – creator of the Top 30 Mom Blogs of Vancouver!

You’ve heard about it, blogging is the new thing.  Moms use it to connect with other mothers, share their photos and experiences for family members far away, and as an outlet to feel heard or for therapeutic reasons.  There are also mini-magazines online that started as a simple blog, but have turned into resources for thousands of readers.  Some blogs also generate revenue, imagine that – writing and earning an income from the comfort of your laptop on the couch.

Inspiring you to start a blog or improve your existing blog, this event is led a panel of four amazing writers and bloggers that are the absolute experts in the field of blogging. They will all be introduced by’s founder Christine Pilkington.

Our panelists will cover their story on getting started, inspiration and some tips for writing a blog.

The evening is sure to hold laughs, guidance, insider information and an all around amazing moms’ night out!

Our Fabulous Mom Blogger Panel

Melissa CarrThe Thirties Grind
Since launching TheThirtiesGrind in March 2012, Melissa has had hundreds of thousands of page views, won the top spot in the 2012 Top Vancouver Mom Blogger search, and has become a voice for those struggling to understand what the heck is happening with real estate in Vancouver. Not one to shy away from controversy, her Absurd Vancouver Property of the Week really hit a vein with Vancouverites who are watching house prices soar. She also wades in on parenting,broad bashing and a whole lot more. Melissa says that life in your thirties is a grind. She writes, “It was not until recently that I realized that most of us in our thirties are in the same boat…a boat that almost always feels like it is slowly sinking!” But in the end, this grind is worth it. Her blog covers all that life in your thirties holds, and her personality and writing style are the glue that hold it all together.

Amber Strocel,
Amber is a writer, dreamer, social media evangelist and problem-solver. She lives in the Vancouver suburbs with her two children and her husband. In her extremely rare and precious free time she gardens, attempts handcrafts and eats rather a lot of chocolate. She chronicles her life on her blog, which she has been writing since May 2003. Through blogging, she has found inspiration and support, leading her to create an online course for mothers called Crafting my Life. Her experiences have made her believe in the power of social networking to bring people together. She also works as the Content Manager for, helping connect local moms with this fabulous city.

Kristina Cross, {swank}mama

Kristina chooses not to sacrifice her style in the name of motherhood. She is a chronic shopaholic and lover of all things swanky. While raising her two young children, as well as her 12 year old step-daughter, and working full-time, she is now discovering that finding a balance in life is difficult but extremely rewarding. She blogs about her journey as {swank}mama and is currently enjoying her maternity leave. Kristina’s blog was nominated as one of the top 30 Mom blogs for 2012 on

Andrea Firmani, Mama in the City
Andrea Firmani is Mama in the City; a blogging mama of 2 currently enjoying a year of maternity leave from her role as a labour and delivery nurse. Andrea started blogging in 2009 when her first child was just a baby as a means to keep her creative juices flowing and also to document her experiences of parenting in Vancouver. 3 years later she continues to push her stroller through the heart of the city, only this time with a baby on board and a preschooler in tow. While Andrea blogs about day to day life she also loves to blog about her professional interests in maternal health with a focus on pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Christine Pilkington,

Crisp Media CEO and founder Christine Pilkington is a mom entrepreneur based out of Vancouver, where she lives with her husband and their three daughters who range from toddler to school-­‐age. A digital media veteran, Christine has consulted some of the world’s top brands, delivered countless workshops and seminars, written articles and blog posts, and participated as a panelist and speaker on online technologies for over 14 years. Christine has worked with AOL, BMW, Chapters/Indigo, RadioShack and some of the top media brands in Canada like LOULOU, Sportsnet, CityTV, Maclean’s and Today’s Parent. Christine has appeared on Breakfast Television, Global, CBC Radio, News 1130 and TalkTV, been quoted in the National Post and The Metro, and written for Microsoft@Home and

Crisp Media publishes networks of hyper-­‐local sites geared towards moms. Their networks include City Mom Now, a collection of sites that appeal to urban-­‐dwelling moms, and Entrepreneur Mom Now, a group of sites for mom entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Mama Blogs – Finding your voice & inspiration to write a blog

Wednesday, September 12th, 7:00pm
Cactus Club Cafe, 1530 W. Broadway (@ Granville)
Private room at back of restaurant
$25 Modern Mama Perks Card Holders | $30 Non-Members
Price includes a glass of wine and appetizers
Early bird pricing on until Sept. 1st!

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