For You Mamas Who Are Up All Night


By: Erin Mullen

I was that new mom that read all the books and knew just how to screw up my baby.
I read about co-sleeping and how I would squish my baby or smother it.
I knew that I was never going to sleep with her because I wasn’t that mom!
I read the Baby Whisperer and had all the important points highlighted (as my mom sat there laughing at me)
I knew!!
Or I thought I did!
But what I didn’t know is this!!

How much I could love my baby.

How natural it was to sleep with her
How easy it was
How important it was
How precious is was.

I also didn’t know…

How tired I could become.
How haggard.
How emotional.
How much I worried that I am screwing everything up.
My babies will sleep in my bed forever and ever.
But we were ok with that…..
Until they grew and got kicked all night
Then the worrying came back
I have ruined everything
If only I could of let them cry
Then they would be sleeping in their own bed
Guilt, guilt, guilt
They can’t self-sooth .
I am screwed..

Well, last week was the first time in five years that we didn’t have any babies in our room.

‘Turns out, I didn’t ruin them.
Each night we read stories then tuck them into their own beds. We lay with them till they fall asleep. (fail)
I can say that it went fast.
Real fast!

So to you, Mamas up all night…

Co-sleeping or not,
This is your most important job you will ever have.
Enjoy it!
Take the clock out of your room so you’re not stressing about time.
They just grow so quick.
So quick.

I know how tired you are.

But you look beautiful.
You are a warrior.
You can do this!
This too shall pass!
It’s just a phase
Keep pushing!!!

Hugs from your Mama Connector, Erin.

Erin Mullen is a mama of 2 beautifully wild little girls in Greater Vancouver. Her passion is empowering parents through our own struggles and triumphs.

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