Great Spots to Take Maternity Pictures in Vancouver


Maternity pictures are so breathtaking.

The beauty of mama-to-be in picturesque scenes, well they are simply gorgeous. The beauty of a great background can really contribute to making a photo with so much meaning come all together. Living in Vancouver, you may want to capture the beauty of this time in your life with some of the beautify scenic areas we have around town. So if you are thinking of taking some outdoor maternity pictures in Vancouver, peruse our roundup of the best spots to do it at.

maternity pictures in Vancouver

Maternity Pictures in Vancouver Would Be Great At…

Queen Elizabeth Park

I recently revisited the park and thought, wow I never realized how great this place is for casual shots! Not just the flowers (though they are gorgeous), but also the pond by the ducks, the amazing view of the city, the fountain, and of course all the luscious green hills and trees! It’s perfect for pictures.

Granville Island

It’s touristy, but it’s awesome. The background of shops and eateries, in a quaint and lively part of town. This makes for fantastic pictures of walking through, as well as grabbing some ice-cream, or even just pictures of taking in the view of the harbour!

Spanish banks

This is such a beautiful beach. if the weather is nice and you catch a sunset, wow. There are few words to describe the beauty of this location just simply based on nature. Imagine catching a picture of a peaceful moment on the beach, watching the sun go down with you holding your belly and in your partner’s arms.

Coal harbour

This is one of my favourite spots to just walk around. I love seeing the beauty of the seawall around this part of town. I have so many pictures walking hand in hand with my partner here, and they are truly great. The boats in the background add a pretty backdrop.

Yaletown waterfront

This seawall is simple yet so pretty. The wall extends for so long, and amongst it, you have beautiful lampposts and areas to sit. You have views of the city, the bridges, and the path itself is just nicely laid out and well kept.


Have you taken any great photos around the city that you think should be on this list?  Let us know!



Feature image by self, Title image by Shutterstock

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