Meet the Bugaboo Runner

Bugaboo assembled

I recently had the privilege to test out the Bugaboo Runner. It arrived in a box the size of me, that at first glance completely overwhelmed me! Not having the immediate knack for putting things of this magnitude together, I thought ‘oh here we go again’…

To start I pulled each piece one by one out of the box and felt a loss on where to start. Remembering like all products that need to be put together at home, there would hopefully be an instruction manual somewhere among the pieces, parts, and packaging. Knowing all of two languages, it didn’t matter much to me but the enclosed manual offers instructions in 16 languages (how cool is that!) As I read the english portion and matched the parts to the base, I have to admit in all honestly, from start to finish it took me all of 8 minutes to put the runner together. Sans help at that!

Bugaboo buckled

The review below is my opinion only and not the opinion of Modern Mama® or Bugaboo®.

My review of the Bugaboo Runner:

An easy to read instruction manual making for simple product assembly (no need for strong muscles). Made of light-weight material that’s easy to carry. Comfortable adjustable seating for a happier rider with a seat that fits front facing infants to toddlers up to 3. A larger sized umbrella shielding the elements from little faces. A wide base for a smooth jog or run with great tire tread and an air pump for any flats along the run.  The runner is suitable for any terrain (gravel, bumpy side walks, grass or flat pavement) and accessible foot touch brake system. With all good things, there’s always a minus and the non-swivel front tire makes turning a little more difficult.

Overall I was very impressed with this running stroller and recommend it to the avid runner or moderate jogging mama getting fit after baby!

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