mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat Review and Giveaway

You may have heard of the new mifold Grab-and-Go-Booster by now, it’s a state-of-the-art evolution of the traditional booster seat.

It’s ten times smaller and touted to be ‘just as safe’ as a traditional booster seat.

You see, a booster seat is supposed to do one job: and that job is to boost up a little boy or girl to the correct height for proper, and safe, seat belt placement on their body.

The mifold doesn’t boost the body up, but brings the seat belt down to the correct shoulder height for the child, AND holds the hip belt in the proper position.

The mifold is only for children aged 4 years +, from 40-100 lbs and 40″-57″ in height.

It’s extremely compact and I love having it in my vehicle at all times as a spare seat.

To use the mifold, be sure to read the instructions in the manual and keep them on hand at all times in the lid of the seat. But briefly:

  1. Select the correct width for the seat based on your child’s size.
  2. Unfold the seat and place the mifold flat against the car’s seat back.
  3. Sit the child down ensuring the seat doesn’t slide back or forward, with their rump and back against the vehicle seat back.
  4. Feed the lap belt into the guides on both sides of the seat and buckle the vehicle seat belt, pull on the vehicle shoulder belt to remove slack from the lap portion and snugly adjust the lap belt-low on hips and contacting thighs.
  5. Attach the mifold shoulder clip on to the vehicle’s shoulder belt- behind child’s back and adjust the portion of the shoulder belt guide (at least 1” above top of child’s shoulder.

For us, the seat itself isn’t as comfortable as a standard booster seat, so for everyday use, our mifold is tucked away in the back of our truck for extra kids and field trip days!


The seat will be so great for future travels and not having the large booster seat to take along!

Available for purchase at mifold.ca and Canadian Tire.

We have one for you to WIN!:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Seat provided to me for review. Giveaway provided by mifold.


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