Mommy groups don’t have to suck

Emily Fee, Mommy Groups
By: Emily Fee
I am fortunate enough to belong to two mommy groups that are actually beneficial to me and my baby.
They are just awesome, I look forward to seeing the mom’s in the group and Coco is always just pooped after all the socialization! I must admit I’ve been to a few mommy groups that were awful, and I have talked with a few other moms who never joined a mom group because their first experience was just awful. It might be because most mommy groups are formed by the month your child was born, not based on any common interest or activities of the mothers.

Mommy Groups can be a Lifesaver

Please do not give up on mommy groups, they can be a life saver. Trust me I know.

So let’s say you have found a mommy group that you’re comfortable with but you want to kick it up a notch. I’ve come up with a few ideas to make your next mommy group worth brushing your hair and maybe even putting on something other than your non-lululemon pants.

 1. Ohmmm

Go to a mommy and me yoga/meditation class (ok keep your yoga pants on for this one).

2. Let the spa come to you

There are plenty of mobile spa companies that will come to your home and do in home manicures, pedicures, or facials from $20-$50.

3. Swap Cookies

Cookie swapping doesn’t only have to come during the holidays. Have each mama bring a batch of cookies and the recipe to hand out to each member of the mommy group.

4. Deck of cards

No we’re not going to play a game of bridge, BUT put together a deck of flash cards with conversation topics to help break the ice. Will you try the Cry it Out Method? What advice would you give the pregnant you?

Mommy’s Favourite Things List

It’s not Oprah’s favourite things list where we’re all getting a free car but rather a list of things that have made your life easier. I’ve included mine in the photo above!

5. Girls Night Out

Yes I said it, leave the little ones home with daddy, Grandma/Grandpa, or even a babysitter and go out to dinner with the other moms. Take a shower, do your hair, put on some mascara and prepare to enjoy a glass of wine. Of course the entire night all you and the other moms will be talking about are the little angles you left at home and can’t wait to get home to.  But that’s ok, that’s what makes you and your mom group awesome.
Emily is a first time mom, an American living in Canada, blogger, dog lover, Martha Stewart wannabe, education enthusiast, and most recently a master of doing everything one handed. Emily enjoys sharing the joys, struggles, and humour in becoming a mom to other Modern Mamas everywhere. Before dedicating her life to her family and writing about the undertakings of motherhood she earned a B.A. and M.A. in Childhood Special Education from Manhattanville College. Checkout more from Emily on her blog Beauty


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    I love all these suggestions but my problem is that I don’t know any other mommies who are stay-at-home and would have time to meet…? My son goes to CLICK Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri morns and we JUST got hooked up with the Tick Tock Time group that meets on Weds morns but we had to miss our first one due to a previous school commitment but I’m hoping to meet some new moms at this new group!! Does anyone know of any other groups that are already in place and up and running?? Thanx in advance!!

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