Fuller House Exclusive: Sneak Peak Behind The Scenes


Being on the Netflix “Stream Team” of bloggers means that we get some Netflix perks to post occasionally about shows and other themes. One such perk was getting to screen six episodes of Fuller House a few weeks early!

On February 16th, my family and I crammed on the couch and watched the first six episodes. All I can tell you is that we were not disappointed and episode #3 is my fave so far.


Fuller House debuts all episodes of season 1 on Netflix, on February 26th (mark your calendar!).

My girls even had a debate, while watching last night, over whether or not Fuller House was better than Full House. You see, they (Ivy and Berlin) have powered through all eight seasons of Full House on Netflix over the past couple of months. They’re hooked. They love the show and they love the characters.

In fact, we watch Full House ‘repeats’ (they’ve seen them ALL) pretty much every single day around here.

So, on to why you’re here. Here is an exclusive sneak peak for Stream Team members-only we received today that I am allowed to share with you, with Candace Cameron-Bure (my fave character on Fuller House!), who plays DJ Fuller, Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) talking about THEIR ultimate movie night in….. (and follow along below, where I tell you about our 13 must-haves for family night in):

Our Ultimate Night-In Must Haves:

  1. Pizza (delivery please!)
  2. Popcorn (of course)
  3. Wine for mom & dad
  4. Twizzlers
  5. Chocolate milk
  6. Fireplace
  7. Throw blanket (make that 5)
  8. M&Ms (if I’m feeling particularly sugary)
  9. Kettle corn for my eldest as she doesn’t like salty popcorn (Wait. What?)
  10. Berlin turning off every single light in the house
  11. Dog treats to keep Diesel from barking the entire movie
  12. Pillows from beds (5+)
  13. Pajamas or sweats all around

In other insider news, your favorite Fuller House characters are getting their very own Netflix “collections” to celebrate the show launch. Next time your family is gathering around the TV, look to TV Time for the Fam and other Fuller House-inspired title collections to find something everyone can agree on:




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