5 Must-Have Maternity Pieces

Maternity fashion clothes in pregnancy

The beauty of pregnancy includes sporting maternity fashion!

Now, though you may not feel amazing at all time, there are definitely some pieces that will help you feel comfortable, and be versatile pieces to your growing (literally growing) wardrobe. We have come up a list of some basic items that will be important in your maternity fashion at any point of your pregnancy.


Maternity Fashion Must-Haves

Maternity Tights

These babies are amazing. No, they are seriously the best thing EVER! While the top is the typical elastic maternity band, the fact that you can still wear cool tights and not have to worry about the elastic rolling down your belly…is quite a score. Tights are so versatile and comfortable, which is key some days (ok most days). This will last your whole pregnancy, so worth it!

A Black Dress

You never know when you will need a dress, and as always, having a black dress (little or long) is so key. No need to go and get a bunch of dressy items. However, I recommend at least one dress for those occasions you may need to dress up a tad. Why black? Well, it can be dressed up or down, go with any colour shoes or accessories to create a fun look. Get in a stretch cotton, so you don’t have to keep buying a new one.

Cotton Stretch Tees or Tunics

While your belly will grow, you may not want to always update your wardrobe every trimester. Get some comfy cotton tops. Nowadays maternity is no longer boring, so you can find lots of options. Get a few, as you grow your shirts can stretch along with you. Also, cotton is comfortable in all seasons (even if you are in the midst of summer, in a heat wave in your 3rd trimester…yes been there).

New Shoes

Ladies, your feet will grow. They just will and we can’t help it. So do yourself a favour and get some larger shoes. Make sure they are comfortable and offer support for everyday use. As feet will swell, and sometimes they actually get bigger and don’t shrink back. So don’t worry about getting a pair that’s temporary, don’t “tough it out”, chances are you will use it post-pregnancy.

A Good Bra

Ok this is a must-have, and it will cost you a pretty penny, and yes your size will change – through pregnancy, after, and for many months to come. However, having your breasts supported is no joke, it can save you back ache as they grow. Furthermore, a good fitting bra actually lifts and enhances your wardrobe. So no need to go crazy, but you may want to suck it up and buy 1 or 2 per trimester.


That’s it for basics!  Enjoy your shopping!



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