Netflix and SCREAM


October is a favorite month around here.  We love Halloween! And naturally, my boys LOVE being able to dress up in their favorite costumes!

For me, the Scream movies were a staple part of my childhood.  I love being scared and I loved those movies!

Full disclosure, my sons have NEVER seen the Scream movies, nor do they really even know what ghost face did to make him famous. But none the less, it was his idea to Scream, and I was all for it!

You can only imagine how excited I was to learn that Netflix had an Original Series titled Scream!

It is based off the movies, but had some huge differences.  Mainly ghost face.


His face was a little more mangled, and not as “clean cut” as the movies, but awesome anyways!

Differences in the story line are there, but you can see similarities between the characters in the movie and the characters in the show.

All in all, it was a binge watch for me, and I thought it was fantastic!

I recommend watching it with a bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine, and some lady finger cookies!


Another favorite in our house, for our youngster is Paw Patrol.

We watch it daily, so naturally that was his costume pic for this year!  And he was the cutest puppy that we ever did see!

Netflix has some great shows for that Halloween inspiration, for all ages!

Make sure to check it out if you are having trouble for you or your kids costume ideas!

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**I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with Netflix, however, all opinions are my own.**

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