New Research Outpost At Vancouver Aquarium Giving Us A New Look At Walrus Growth

Research Outpost At Vancouver Aquarium Image Credit Eschelle Westwood 2018

If you are looking for something fun to do in Vancouver over the Summer break then the Vancouver Aquarium has a couple great new additions and some great programs you might just want to check out. If you haven’t already heard they have finally opened up the new Research Outpost at Vancouver Aquarium where the two young walruses Lakina and Balzak now live! This great little spot in the aquarium where all the guests can get really up close and personal with these two big beauties who came to us all the way from Quebec.

research outpost at Vancouver Aquarium

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Each Walrus is in and around 400 pounds and they’re only 2 months old with their tusks only just starting to show! These two beautiful animals are giving the great research team a first hand look at their tusk growth, something we have never been able to track so closely from animals in the wild. This gives us an incredible chance to learn so many new things about these incredible creatures and how we can help them in the wild. Giving all of us a chance to learn so much with each visit to the new research outpost at Vancouver Aquarium. You can also get a chance to hear the adorable vocalizations of Lakina and Balzak up close if you manage to catch one of their feeding times. 

When you are done checking them out you should head over to a see the 4D theatre showing of Sharks. A great look at a few incredibly different shark breeds along with your all time favorite: The Great White Shark. One shark that is especially important to our coast isn’t mentioned in the film but I highly suggest taking the time to learn more about the 2nd largest shark in the world, and one that lives off our coast, the Basking Shark. Make it a fun family research project and learn more about some of the species in our very own back yard! In fact as of July 12th you will be able to take part in their Shark stamp program – which will help you learn more about sharks off our coast.

Of course there is a bunch more new stuff to see like the great Douglas Copeland art piece Vortex, an imaginative look at the impact the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This piece is to showcase and highlight the impacts of everyday plastics and what we can do to change our ways and impact the planet for the better. Seeing the plastic pollution crisis through a creative lens really helps the message reach across multiple generational levels. No matter how young or old most kids and adults will walk away with a better sense of exactly the impact the items they use everyday have. It also helps make us adults more proactive when it comes to our purchasing choices, leaving this exhibit will leave you double thinking things with too much packaging.

With so much more than this to see and do you might not get through it all in one visit. Make sure to check out their membership options to help your family save big if you want to be “frequent swimmers” at the Vancouver Aquarium!

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