A New Year, A New Way to Dress for your Body Type

Nothing to Wear, MM Post

By: Shaunna Prentis

After working so hard watching what you eat and exercising daily you find yourself with nothing to wear. Well, personally that is how I would like to see it. Truth be told I haven’t really shopped for new clothes since shortly after my second was born.

If you are like me and have no idea what type of clothes suits your body shape, these tips will change your life and/or your closet.

Generally speaking, there are 4 main body types:

The Circle (Apple)
The Triangle (Pear)
The Hourglass
The Rectangle



Traits or Characteristics:

  • Full abdominal area
  • Good legs
  • Rounded shoulders and higher waist
  • Average or larger bust

General Rules for Circle Body Types

  • Wear patterns on top half of your outfit or the bottom half below the hip line. Avoid patterns in your midsection.
  • Clothes that have ruching in torso create flattering definition for your figure
  • All skirts should be below knee length or just above the knee at the shortest , A line skirts look great on your body type ( skirts and dresses are a great way to bring attention to those fantastic legs)
  • Keep the clothing line straight to slightly fitted,  avoid unnecessary bulk around the chest, waist and tummy
  • Your jackets should be on the long side, never ending at waist level. Make sure they come down to your hips  creating a long, lean line  over your waist and tummy.


Traits or Characteristics:

  • Narrower shoulders than hips
  • Clear defined waist
  • Shapely legs
  • Full hips and possibly thighs
  • Small upper body

General Rules for Triangle Body Types

  • You want to balance the top half of your body with the lower half . You can do this by wearing clothes that make your shoulders look broader.
  • Wear fitted styles that accentuate your waistline. (For skirts and dresses, try a classic A-line cut. Choose empire or wrap dresses.)
  • Find dark and wide leg pants, this slims the thighs as well as creates a longer and slimmer silhouettes. Try them with heels to lengthen your legs.
  • A structured jacket plays up the shoulders, which evens out the lower body’s proportions.
  • Draw attention to the upper half of your body with fun colours, prints and details around the neckline ensuring that your tops do not end at the hips.
  • Whatever you wear at  the bottom should be more tailored and fitted.


Traits or Characteristics:

  • Rounded bottom and hips
  • A defined waistline and equally balanced top and bottom
  • Full bust
  • Larger thighs

General Rules for Hourglass Body Types

  • Bring attention to your shoulders and neckline, opt for fitted shirts with lower and wider necklines like scoop, square or sweetheart.
  • Follow your body line by defining your waist, enhancing your bust and highlighting your hips and bottom.
  • Skirts are great that end just around the knee, pencil skirts are quite flattering with an hourglass figure.
  • Dresses need to be fitted, not loose and flowing.
  • Adding a belt accentuates your small waist.


Traits or Characteristics:

  • A small or average bust
  • Hips the same width as shoulders
  • No defined waist
  • Flat hips and bottom

General Rules for Rectangle Body Types

  • Shift dresses and empire line dresses work well.
  • Wear unstructured jackets that gently shape the waist.
  • To give the illusion of a waist, accessorize with belts.
  • Slightly flared trousers will add more shape to your body. Low to mid waited pants are best.
  • Choose tops with details such as pockets, ruching and pleating or halter tops to create the illusion of a larger bust.

Hope that some of these tips help!

Shaunna Prentis is a  lover of good food , good wine and great company. This busy mother of two owns and operates Modern Mama North Burnaby and also blogs at The Mis-Adventures Of Mommyhood.

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