No Pictures, No Curtains, No Problem.

Shhh!!! Don’t tell my husband but I hired a house cleaner. It was a one time thing. They had a last minute cancellation and we needed it! Or I needed it. Who ever needed got a clean house and it was a great Valentine’s Day gift to the needed person (me!). Who needs roses when you can hire a house cleaner? Not me. Sparkling floors, clean bathrooms and a happy smile staring back at me in a gleaming kitchen sink. Bliss.  My husband will find out eventually….when the cheque clears to Green Clean Squad .

My first experience with a house cleaner was great; she was friendly and on time. She did catch me off guard,  asking “did you just move in?”.  Ummm yes 14 months ago, does that qualify? Then I started to explain myself. We moved in when I was very pregnant and I focused on finishing my sons room so he would feel settled and then the nursery before the baby was born. And then then the baby came. The end.

How long did it take you to settle into your home? I love decorating, crafting and DIY! It’s true, here is proof my daughter’s room. It makes me happy BUT only when I can concentrate on it. I rushed into our last house. Rushed into hanging pictures. Rushed into picking curtains. Rushed into renovations. And it stressed me out!!! I spent too much time trying to make our last home feel homey and not enough time realizing I was home. Pictures, personal touches, curtains those are beautiful finishing touches on a home. But your family is the foundation. So for now my walls stay empty, the curtains I picked out two months are still in their package in the basement and I am off to play with my toddler. He is my home.

 Photo courtesy of Heart + Sparrow Photography.



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