Self-Care Made Easy at Pamper and Play Salon & Spa

While it seems  as though “Self-Care” has become a buzz word in the last year the truth of the matter is that taking care of yourself is so so important and is something that many parents often neglect. Personally I don’t take as much time for myself as I should because I have three small children and finding child care (aka someone who can handle three) is no easy task. That all changed when I was introduced to Pamper & Play ; they are not only a full service Salon & Spa but they also offer in-house Child Minding!!!!


Kimberly (Modern Mama St. Albert) and I recently went for a pedicure at Pamper & Play and it was divine! We were able to relax, sip a hot bevvy and be pampered all while our children were playing in the Child Minding room. Note: parents are welcome to bring a nut free snack and a drink for their child to enjoy while in the child minding.


The Child Minding room is equipped with toys and entertainment for children of all ages and the staff were so awesome with our little ones! There is even a camera hooked up to a tablet so that you can check in on your child without letting them see you, so great for the kids who are doing great without you until they see you.


Once our kids were settled into the child minding room, Kimberly and I were able to relax in this waiting area for a few minutes while our estheticians were setting up.


Next up was choosing a colour, and this was tough because there were just too many pretty options! Once we settled on our colours we were able to sit down and enjoy the pampering! And at the end of our appointment we were given the small bottle, that was used on us, to take home so I was able to paint my daughters toe nails to match mine.


The Massage Chairs. Need I say more?!


Full disclosure: I don’t like feet at all and pictures of bare feet are never great so instead we have a picture of the paraffin wax treatment. If you have never had paraffin wax on your feet, you are missing out and should definitely book an appointment at Pamper & Play! And if you have experienced a great pedicure but are ready to go for another one you know it’s time to check out Pamper & Play.


Not only did we leave with lovely pampered feet but we also left with happy kids and a refreshed feeling that came from taking some time for ourselves. Seriously worth it and we will definitely be back! You can find all the info you need at, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook for the latest updates, specials and availability!


Take time for yourself Mama, you’re worth it!!





**We received services in exchange for sharing our experience, however the views expressed above are as always, my own.**

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