Picking Your Family’s Christmas Pjs

Most people would agree that one of the best things about the holidays are the brand new Christmas Pjs. Pajamas are one of the most traditional holiday gifts to give to family and most of us have grown to expect to see them under the tree – perhaps even getting to open them Christmas Eve, like we do in our house. This is a great way to ensure everyone is in nice new pajamas first thing the next morning in time for pictures. We all know that us moms will be taking pictures.

What kind of pajamas should you choose for your family?

With so many amazing options from funny to comfy it can make choosing the perfect pjs a little harder. This year we decided to work together to help you find the perfect pajamas for your family by searching for the best options based on your “family’s personality”.

For The Funny Family

For the family that is all pranks, gags and giggles going for the best holiday laugh is your best bet. These amazing Flapjack “special delivery” pajamas are incredible for your whole funny family. You can all have matching hilarious pajamas as these ones also come in all sizes even infant! Of course if you aren’t into matching pajamas there are always these great women’s “dead tired” jammies that are both funny and accurate. For the little ones a fun an ironic choice would be these “Wide Awake” pjs. Another great option for the whole family would be Kigurumi animal themed onesies that will keep all of you in great spirits during the holidays.

Christmas pjs


For The Classy Family

Some families, though they often share giggles, are more the pretty or classic pjs type people. They like to stick to simple colors with luscious fabrics over animal covered prints. This velvet lace sleep romper is perfect for just that, and it is still perfect for presents with the family. For the man in your life these herringbone matching men’s pajamas are perfect. They are simple and elegant and he will look fantastic in them while he is cooking up some Christmas breakfast for the whole family!

For The Family That Sleeps In

For some families sleep is still the most important thing, no matter how young your kids were or are they still don’t feel the need to wake up early. For the family that loves to stay comfy and feel like they are still in bed for as long as possible super comfy pajamas are what you need. You need pajamas that allows them to feel like they are bringing their bed with them. The Selk’bag is exactly that, a wearable sleeping bag so you don’t actually have to get out of bed at all Christmas morning!

Christmas Pjs

For The Traditional Family

For the family that just wants your run of the mill Christmas pajamas then you can’t go wrong with red plaid everything. A simple cotton pajama that is soft to the touch and nice and comfy could be just what everyone needs. Keeping it simple and classic but still festive for Christmas morning. Keep in mind of course how everyone prefers their jammies. Do they like onesies? A nightie that hangs paired with shorts? A two piece with long sleeves and pants? With so many options out there you are guaranteed to find everyone in your family the perfect pair of Christmas Pjs.

Tell us what kind of pajamas do you and your family prefer?

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