3 Main Street Pizza Places to Try

main street pizza places

Pizza places are not rare to this city, in fact you can bet any busy area has its own specialty must-try places. Here we focus on Main Street pizza.

Pizza is Easy, Good, and Everywhere!

One of the busiest and most trendy parts of the city, is definitely Main street. With no shortage of restaurants, coffee shops, stores, sushi places…there is also a very great line of choices for pizza.

As I pick up my son from pre-school, I always have to give him a snack or small meal. Sometimes he asks for pizza, and I say, “sure, mommy will grab a slice too.” So we walk down Main street and take our pick. Pizza is a great meal to pick up and go, eat-in quickly, and just have as a comfort treat every so often. Furthermore, it’s a food I don’t have to ask my toddler to eat.

I’ve selected a few here that I think all pizza lovers will enjoy, the kids and the parents!

My Main Street Pizza Picks

In no particular order…

Don’t Argue! Pizzeria

3240 Main Street – This joint offers the classic Italian thin-crust pizzas, with a lot of flavour. Simple yet delicious. Order full pizzas, or go in and order by the slice of what is prepared on-hand.

Trilussa Pizza & Pane

4363 Main Street – If you love authentic, original, pizza, you will love their pizzas. The focus is on Roman pizzas, which are thin, long on Roman pane and full of quality ingredients. They also have paninis, coffee and more!

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

4186 Main Street – Not only is their pizza hand-crafted, artisan style and amazing (oh and they only use organic and local ingredients). This place really focuses a lot on family. They have a kids menu and also hold workshops on Tuesdays to create in-house (different themes weekly).


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