Prepping the House For Christmas (Hint: Purge The House FIRST!)


It’s that time of year when we bring in way more into the house, than out of the house. Some days it feels like I am bringing more bags and boxes home than I can possibly squeeze any where else!

So I decided that I needed a strategy to cope with this, and a plan. Here’s what I did …

1. Donate Everything in That Room

Come on, you know you have it too. It’s that room. The room where everything goes. For me it’s my guest room. It’s that big queen bed that gets piles placed on it, extra boxes or bins you might be keeping for some reason or another. Left over birthday party supplies or wrapping. It all ends up piling up in one room or place in your home. Purge it. All of it. Donate the items of value (outgrown clothing, toys, games) and toss the rest. This way you have a clean room for arriving guests or a hiding place for gifts and a wrapping space.

2. Use bins for gift hiding

Find (or buy) several large rubbermaid bins (not see-through!) to store your gifts through the month so the kids don’t find them! Store them in the garage, basement, up high in closets, laundry room or even in the trunk if you have the space.

3. Move unnecessary clutter out of the main living area

I took a look around the main floor and decided to move out all the non-Christmas decor items, desk clutter and extra kitchen counter appliances I don’t use daily into the basement storage room. (No, not That room!)

4. Hire a Cleaner

If you don’t already have regular housekeeping, hire a team for a one-time deep clean some time in December. Consider this your gift to yourself. You will feel better about inviting guests into your home and you’ll know your family is taking top priority – not clean baseboards.

5. Purge in the Kitchen

The kitchen is party central at almost any gathering, and during the holidays especially since everyone is helping with big meals or cocktail hour. Take an afternoon this week to empty your fridge, freezer and pantry of any past due items to make room for the influx of party food, treats and Christmas day meal ingredients.

There you have it. This shouldn’t take more than an afternoon or two. You’ll have more peace of mind going into the Holidays because of it.




* This is part of a sponsored series, all opinions are my own.
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