Presentation House Theatre’s Jack and The Magic Bean Giveaway

I was provided with the tickets to facilitate this giveaway.

Image by Emiliano Leyva

Created in joyful collaboration with Mexico City’s Marionetas de la Esquina, this family-friendly performance is told with the audience’s help, who assist Jacky as she climbs the beanstalk to the giant’s rich and fertile land. While there, Jacky discovers the source of the trouble with her farmland, learning how to make it fertile again by understanding and balancing the life cycle. In this whimsical and enlightening adaptation of the classic fairy tale, when Jacky tries to sell her beloved toys to buy food for her family and then trades them for a magic bean, she discovers something much more valuable than money – how to sustainably grow your own food and care for the land.
“This is a delightful and interactive presentation with an incredibly powerful underlying message,” says Kim Selody, Artistic Director of Presentation House Theatre and Director of Jack and the Magic Bean. “Young audiences ages three to eight are urged to accompany Jacky on her journey, helping her grow the beanstalk and climb it, and then become the bugs in the dirt to help make her garden grow. At the same time, the play tackles themes of poverty, irresponsible farming practices, and sustainability, offering a vital and urgent message – we must all learn to respect and care for the Earth for the sake of future generations.”

A 55-minute interactive experience for families with children ages three to eight, Jack and the Magic Bean offers rich imagery and playful immersion, encouraging kids to not just watch Jacky’s story unfold, but to be an active part of its unfolding. Children will be captivated by the narrative’s ‘story gardener’ who needs their fertile imaginations to make the story grow; delightfully scared by the health-conscious ogre who likes to eat humans but refrains due to his indigestion; and gleefully enthusiastic to become the tiny bugs wriggling through the soil — both to escape the grasp of the mighty giant and to help teach Jacky about the process that will ultimately save her garden and help feed her family: composting.

From the award-winning creative team of Where the Wild Things Are and Baking Time, this presentation promises to awaken children’s curiosities surrounding gardening, the balance of life cycles, and protecting our planet.

Where: 333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver

When: April 11th to 28th, 2019

Cost: $10-20

Tickets: Presentation House Theatre or call 604-990-3474

We are giving away 2 sets of four tickets to the 6pm

performance on April 25th, 2019.

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This evening is also pajama night so please feel free to dress comfy.




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    Pajama night!!! My 8 year old is currently going through a onesie phase, so this sounds extra amazing!

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