Purging the Baby Clothes: Should You Sell or Donate?


It’s time to get purging the baby clothes. Either you know you’re not having any more children or your children are different genders and you have no need to keep the baby boy stuff for your baby girl.

But what do you do with all this clothing?

Should you sell or donate it? For some mamas it’s simple – you give your bins of onesies and sleepers to a friend or relative because the timing just works out well. For most, it’s not that easy. You’ve invested hundreds in your child’s wardrobe. I find past about size 5, they’re wearing the clothes longer meaning they’re pretty worn out and not usually suitable for passing on, with the exception of some really well made items like denim or special pieces, hoodies and winter gear.

Grab your Bins

Now, create your three piles: Toss, Sell and Donate.


Anything with stains, rips or damage. You’ll find those white onesies you thought were in good shape when you packed them away in a bin will suddenly look yellowed from spit-up or blowouts. Toss!


Brands that we have listed below will typically have the highest re-sale value and you should be able to consign or sell directly using Kijiji/Craigslist or Facebook mom-to-to-mom sale groups.

  • Gap
  • BabyGap
  • Juicy Couture
  • Old Navy
  • Gymboree
  • Carters/OshKosh
  • Joe Fresh (although it doesn’t last as long as some other brands, so don’t sell well-worn or faded pieces)
  • Naartjie
  • Nautica
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Janie & Jack
  • LL Bean
  • Lands End
  • Lily Pulitzer
  • Oilily
  • Matilda Jane
  • Mini Boden
  • Hanna Anderson
  • Zutano
  • Independent or unique brands (although some unknown/handmade brands are difficult to sell)

And some general tips about resale:

  • girls clothing has a higher resale value than boys
  • Fall/Winter clothing does better than Spring/Summer
  • 0-12months sizes should be priced lower than larger sizes


If you’re like many mothers, you don’t have time to photograph and list each outfit worth selling. In addition, any Walmart, ‘no-name’, Target (Circo) or items you don’t want to sell should be donated. Value Village is the perfect drop-off donation – you just literally drop it off at any location and partial proceeds of the sale of your items will go to charity.




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