5 Tips to Quit Looking Tired


We are all tired. Moms of little ones get barely enough rest. They say the optimal amount is 7-8 hours but I don’t know one mom who got that until her kids were at least five or six years old. That’s a lot of sleepless years. Here are a few tips we’ve used to quit looking tired all the time.

1 | Caffeine

There are plenty of studies to prove that a little caffeine is actually good for you (whew!) and what mother doesn’t need a little to kick start the day to get a move on and keep those lids perked open?

2 | Concealer

They say concealer is a mom’s best friend. OK maybe ‘they’ is me. It truly is. Smear a little concealer under your eyes and on the side of your nose near your eyes to brighten everything up. Use these makeup tricks to avoid displaying your lack of sleep at school drop-off.

3 | Dysport

I’m not afraid to say it – go for the injections to rid your face of the tired lines and perhaps deep grooves with years of sleepless nights that is motherhood. I shared my before and afters here.

4 | A Fake Tan

A bit of colour will always give you a boost of youth in your whole look, face and body. Here is a great post on five great self-tanners that don’t streak or turn you an unbecoming shade of orange.

5 | Chill Out

Use something cold from the freezer (even your face cream can go in the freezer!) and apply it to your face for a full 10 minutes to revive your skin and provide a refreshed look.

You don’t have to ‘let yourself go’ and just accept the fact that you’ve been surviving on less than the optimum amount of hours of sleep per night since the birth of your first born, do something about it. How do you fake looking rested?




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