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I have been meaning to share this with you ladies for some time now, but honestly I didn’t think the time was right! How can I tell you how much I like the 21 Day Wellness Revolution while I am not living it. I originally read The 21 Day Wellness Revolution a couple months ago and I enjoyed it so much until “the spirit of the season” came into my kitchen and derailed my wellness train.

So, Hello mid-January! Its time to get back on the wellness track and stop using “the holidays” as an excuse!

As a Mom of three I really appreciate how The 21 Day Wellness Revolution is so easy to read and follow along; Timmie has broken the course into weekly sections and daily sections. Along with the information she includes “homework” which is as simple as making a grocery list devoid of processed foods; sometimes that extra encouragement is all we need!

Wellness for your mind, body and soul!

To be honest when I think of wellness I think about eating well (good-for-you-food) and taking care of your body with exercise; I hadn’t put much thought into meditation at all. However, Timmie shares the importance of meditation, as well as how-to-get-started and how to fit it in to your life! And I found once you get into the swing of it, it isn’t daunting at all!

Wellness isn’t about dieting!

When I use the word “diet” I immediately think about a “plan” that limits what I can and cannot eat and sure I lose weight with these “plans” but I am extremely unpleasant to be around! In my experience when I’m done with the diet, I’m done with keeping the weight off too!

“Allow yourself to indulge. Give yourself the gift of 20% food freedom! Food in and of
itself isn’t evil. A diet and lifestyle that includes your favourite foods is the most
sustainable kind, and the most effective for solidifying behavioural change.”

Sugar is the enemy!

I think most of us already knows this but Timmie gets into the details of why (refined) sugar is bad for us and what we can do to cut it out of our lives. I love the recipes she shares along the way too!

Thinking outside the box!

Timmie encourages us to think about non-traditional methods, such as herbs, of strengthen our bodies and minds. I appreciate her information and I would suggest that you read everything with an open mind! I don’t want to give too much information away but I would suggest that you work through the entire course, The 21 Day Wellness Revolution, and let me know what you think!

About the Author

Timmie Wanechko is a nutrition and lifestyle coach, fitness and yoga instructor, health blogger, and freelance writer. As the founder of Sassy Wellness and the creator of the 21 Day Wellness Revolution, she lives her passion by helping women live their
happiest and healthiest lives through her writing, classes, workshops, and coaching. She lives in Edmonton, AB with her husband and two sons.

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