Review & Giveaway: Cypress Snowshoe Tour!

I’ve been called an “indoor cat” by my closest friends and family for years. However, on those occasions when my outdoorsy husband and friends are successful at convincing me to pack up the kids and get out there to experience “nature”, I am always astounded at how beautiful the North Shore really is.


Snowshoeing on Cypress Mountain on a recent Saturday morning was one of those times. At the urging of my lovely business partner, Jai, we packed our husbands, toddlers, and babies into our cars and took the 15 minute drive to the head of the Cypress Mountain snowshoe trails. With snow blowing into our cars as we tried to bundle up the kids and get them loaded into our baby carriers and backpacks, I momentarily questioned the brilliance of Jai’s suggestion. But once we got our snowshoes strapped on and headed out into the forest covered in a blanket of white, I took a deep breathe of the fresh mountain air and happily joined in with my group’s off-key renditions of “frosty the snowman” and “jingle bells”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy 6 month post-baby body doesn’t yet have great endurance, but the snowshoe trails at Cypress Mountain are well-suited for beginners and those of us with particularly low stamina! The trails offer a number of different loops at varying levels of difficulty, and at the centre of it all is the Hollyburn Lodge equipped with hot chocolate, comfort food, a warming stove, and a bathroom with a baby change table. The kids certainly had a blast, and my toddler’s highlights probably included making snow angels and being tossed into giant snowbanks by her dad who thinks our kids are invincible!

All in all, a spectacular morning outside that this “indoor cat” can highly recommend to all North Shore families.

Cypress Mountain LogoNow comes the best part. We’re giving away 2 vouchers for a 2-hour guided Hollyburn Meadows Snowshoe Tour, incl. snowshoe rentals & a stop at Hollyburn Lodge for hot chocolate & cookies.

Thanks to Cypress Mountain for sponsoring this giveaway!

To enter to win, simply leave a comment below AND on our giveaway posting on our Facebook Page, and we’ll randomly select a winner on Friday, January 18th!




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    You are a trooper! Would love to do this with Cole and Jared. Haven’t seen Cypress yet and hear it’s absolutely beautiful.

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    I have been wanting to give this a try for sometime now as part of my healthier living. What a great giveaway!!

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    I went snowshoeing a few times with my first and it is such a great workout! Can’t wait to get up there again and burn off baby number 2 fat!!

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    I got given snowshoes for Christmas but have yet to try them out….this would be a wonderful excuse as well as a great date for hubby and me!

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    I have been hiking around the North Shore with my 8 month old daughter since she was 4 weeks old, and I would LOVE to try snowshoeing with her too. What a fantastic way to introduce my baby to the great outdoors!

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