Review: Toronto’s Newest Baby Store, The Best of the Best

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Toronto Midtown Mommies and Mommies to be, you are in for a treat! Today was the public Grand Opening of the Mom’s to be…and More specialty shop “The Best of the Best“.

My sidekick and I were on the guestlist a day earlier and had a chance to shop their wonderful assortment of fine baby gear. There is no doubt that they have housed the best of their collection here under 1 single level roof. Once you arrive at the section you’re looking for, it’s easy to make up your mind on what product to buy. You have the advantage of knowing the great minds behind MTB&M have taken the guesswork out of sifting through loads of brands to decide what the best sellers are.  And you can rest assured you will be completely happy with your purchase.

On top of saving time while shopping, there are a few other advantages such as: Parking! As Marta, a fellow Mama,  put it, “A big issue, especially in the winter, is parking on Bayview. Here they have so many parking spots you can park right at the front door.”

The familiar and friendly staff also make your experience fun and effortless. It was great to see the same faces from shopping sprees past, and good to know they can help guide you even if a product is not in store.

One interesting shelf that caught my eye housed many Fisher Price vintage toys, you know, the ones we grew up with? Quite comforting to know that what worked for us then, still entertains babes today.

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When you are looking to get in and out in a jiffy, MTB&M The Best of The Best shop has definitely been laid out to make the necessities easily accessible. However, if you enjoy the extensive selection and have time to shop, don’t fret, the main store on Bayview remains to service your every baby gear desire.

Happy shopping! Visit The Best of the Best at 89 Research Road, Toronto, ON M4G 2G8.

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