Shopping For Unique Children’s Clothes in Vancouver

unique children's clothes Vancouver

It can be said that Vancouver is buzzing with unique boutiques, one-off shops, and trendy vibes. You can see that by just taking a simple stroll on any busy street, such as Main street, Robson, 4th or around Kerrisdale.

There are plenty of places to shop for trendy and cute children’s clothes. Department stores, chain stores, and even online. However, if you are looking for something local, specific and alright with spending a little more on a few outfits, then we have looked up some unique children’s clothes stores you may want to check out.

Unique children's clothes in Vancouver

Unique Children’s Clothes in Vancouver

These Vancouver shops cater to providing unique pieces and all located in and around Vancouver’s main busy hot spots. It’s definitely worth to go in and take a peak, to see what’s trending, and find a piece or two you may just love!

Dandelion Kids

Each piece is hand-picked and is a balance between local designs and imports from all around the world.  While the merchandise changes to the likes of its community and shoppers, they aim to carry items that are not only safe for growing children but also stimulating for their minds. They focus on trying to find fair-trade, organic, sustainable and recyclable products. 

Located on Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Redfish Kids

Locally made in Vancouver with love and attention to detail, Redfish Kids Clothing was inspired by the street fashion of cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. The clothes generally have bold colours and expressive patterns to create beautiful pieces.

Located on Hornby Street, Downtown Vancouver

Isola Bella Children’s Clothing and Shoes

As the oldest baby and children’s clothing and shoe store in Vancouver, they aim to carry the finest European collections–pieces that are both exclusive and original in Vancouver.

Located on Yew Street, Kerrisdale, Vancouver

Babes on 4th

Dedicated to baby fashion from newborn to age 16, they carry designer clothing, gifts, and formal wear. Each product is hand selected to curate collections that are trendy and provide a wide range of colour and style.

Located on West Broadway, Vancouver


Think there is a store that should be on this list? Give us a shout and we can add it in!


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