Shout It Out Secrets to a Faster, Easier Labour Pt. 2

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We’re thrilled to have Sharon from Calgary Birth Essential back this week to tell us more of her tips for a faster, easier labour!

By: Sharon Loose

Here are a few more of my major tips for helping you have a faster easier birth.  Remember if you are pumping out endorphin hormones (the happy hormone) the less pain you will experience.  This hormone is actually our bodies natural pain relief.  So whatever helps you feel happy, calm, safe, confident and relaxed will enhance your chances of having these hormones surge through your body during labour and reduce your bodies perception of pain.  Thus blocking the adrenaline and creating more ease and speed with the process of labour.

Almost all labouring women like to be massaged.  There are times when she doesn’t want to
be touched, but generally she will.  Hands and feet are the most successful spots,
surprised?  These have the most nerve endings and pressure points and subconsciously she is thanking you.  So instead of letting her squeeze the life out of your hand or break a finger, save her the trouble and massage her hands.  It’s a win win.

Usually anything around the lower back and hips also enjoy the massage action.  Applying counter pressure or performing the double hip squeeze can be most helpful in relieving some of the pain in labour.

Now really there was something to be said about going to your Lamaze class and learning to breath.  I wouldn’t necessarily think there is a need for a 4 part series on it but breathing in labour is, well, absolutely necessary.  My recommendation is super simple, try doing your deep relaxation breathing (yoga breathing) for as much of, if not all of your labour.  A wise yogi once announced at the beginning of class that when we are faced with a difficult yoga pose and think we will fall on our face, to just begin our yoga breathing.  It will tell your mind that you are okay.  This of course seems too easy to be true, but really if you think about it (and try it) when you are doing deep, slow breathing your brain literally cannot think of or be in anxiety or stress.  The two do not match.  So effectively we have convinced (even tricked – but that’s okay too) our brain that we are completely relaxed and calm.  Okay so this seems tailor made for the labour process.  Isn’t that EXACTLY what you want your brain to think.  The answer is YES!!!

Sharon LooseSharon is the owner of Calgary Birth Essentials, mother of 4 kids and has helped educate and support over 500 families having babies in Calgary and surrounding areas. Sharon has been a birth doula for 18 years and a childbirth educator for 14 years. Calgary Birth Essentials offers small group and private prenatal classes, birth doula services, postpartum support (both day and night time hours), breastfeeding education and lactation consultations.


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    When I was having my first I was a bit anxious because I hear a lot of stories. After 2 births, I can say that each birth is unique and what is important is to take care of yourself and just take it easy. Support is very essential.

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