Sloths, Boas, Ferrets and More at WEM This Winter



by Little Rays Nature Centres


 A brand new educational ANIMAL EXHIBIT is here for the very first time! See a sloth, boas, ferrets, pythons, tortoises, and much more, and going until at least the end of March. If there is enough interest, there is a possibility of a permanent exhibit. Exhibit and programming proudly produced by Canada’s largest exotic animal rescue – Little Rays Nature Centres!


This amazing interactive exhibit will include highly engaging presentations, feeding demonstrations with many types of live animals including the sloths, and plenty of opportunity for pictures and questions. This exhibit is geared for all ages, families, couples, and animal lovers of all kinds!

Time slots are booked by the hour – try and give yourself the full hour for a complete experience!


BOOK NOW – limited hourly capacity to ensure everyone has a great time!

I mean who doesn’t love a sloth?! I don’t know who was more excited about this exhibit, me or the kids lol. Ever since visiting a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, I have had a soft spot in my heart from these slow moving, chill animals. They are just not in a rush to do anything, something we could all listen to every now and then.

The staff were so friendly and open to any questions you had. They walk around with some of the animals and let you gently pet them if you want. We got to see a Tarantula (eek), Boa, and Gecko up close and personal. There are actually a lot cuter up close. I mean I didn’t touch the spider (lets not get too crazy), but Skylar was right in there to pet the snake and gecko.

sloth sloth sloth

There is a presentation every hour at 10 min past. Each one is different than the other as it is interactive with the animals and revolves around their feeding schedules. We were lucky enough to be there for the sloth feeding. Barry the sloth gracefully moved across his exhibit for his veggie snacks while Del gave out interesting facts and answered questions. They are experts in conservation and animals and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

sloth sloth

You are free to wonder around the space to see all the animals. Search for the geckos that great at hiding. There are 4 in the cage and we could only find one hiding up in the corner. Check out the giant snakes, tortoises, tiny alligators and more. Watch the ferrets play in there enclosure, or sleep like they did when we were there lol. We could have spent all day there.

sloth sloth sloth

Don’t forget to pick up the adorable stuffies on your way out! All proceeds go to help conservation!



Monday to Sunday
Started daily from January 15, 2022
Exhibit runs at least until the end of March! Fingers crossed we can make it permanent!


Monday to Saturday: Hourly 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday: Hourly 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Presentation starts at 10 minutes after the hour!


West Edmonton Mall
Right inside Entrance #2, across from London Drugs on the main level



General Admission: $14.50
Ages 3-10: $12.50
Kids 2 and under are FREE

Tickets available at the door as well, contingent on capacity. Book online to ensure a spot at desired time.



We do not turn anyone away for financial reasons. Please send us a message email us at if admission cost is an issue for you and we will make arrangements for you!


We have a special sensitivity hour from 9 am to 10 am on the last Saturday of each month that is FREE for anyone who has a family member with special circumstances that may not be able attend for one reason or another during the regular operating hours.



Little Rays Nature Center has been Canada’s largest exotic animal rescue for over 25 years. We are accredited by the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and have won multiple national awards for education and conservation. We are a rescue, conservation and educational organization that works tirelessly to rescue, care for, re-home, and where possible release exotic animals back into the wild.

F.A.R.E. supports and funds the housing, feeding and care of over 1000 rescued animals in one of our three physical locations. We work with all levels of government and public to promote responsible pet ownership and backyard conservation through policy, education and boots-on-the-ground projects. Little Ray’s Nature Centres, who’s main mandate is to raise funds for our rescue operation which is one of the largest exotic animal rescues in North America. To date, the rescue operations has saved, cared for, rehomed and released over 7000 animals. 

Additionally, Little Ray’s F.A.R.E raises funds and provides several programs around the world focused on endagered species, breeding, and habitat protection – including species survival plans, Burmese star tortoise habitat construction in Myanmar, and educational programming to support responsible pet ownership and backyard conservation.



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