Reading Glasses? No Way!


I needed new glasses.

I needed to do something with my current eye situation. So I checked out SmartBuyGlasses.

I have a very light prescription (to see far away) and I typically wear contact lenses about 85% of the time. But it’s suddenly getting harder to see close-up stuff – like my computer and iPhone. Some say this is due to aging (Hello Reading Glasses), but I prefer to blame it on my tech time. Which is a necessity.

So I went to see my eye doctor and he recommended reducing my prescription a little so that I can still see far away (driving safely) and close-up, better. I was skeptical.


It was at this point I decided to order an inexpensive pair of glasses from (these beauties are only $89) to try out my new prescription.

Fast Shipping

Your order will arrive within a week, typically, and contact lens orders maybe even quicker than glasses.

Great Prices

As I mentioned above, I love my new glasses and they were only $89! Their higher end styles are also discounted in comparison to eyeglass boutiques.

Designer Brands

If it’s a designer you want, you shall have it. They sell many designer brand name frames. Their prices are highly competitive and in most cases less than a local store.


* I was provided the glasses in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.


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