Some Gifts Just Aren’t Meant For Kids: Please Give Responsibly


As fun as it is to give and receive Scratch & Win tickets with your friends or spouse, even co-workers, it’s important to remember that they’re not for kids. (Scratch & Wins are considered gambling, and are intended for Adults (19+) only.)

I often get a laugh over ‘stocking stuffer’ lists by retailers or in magazines as they always contain big ticket items that would be stand-alone gifts, and not stocking stuffers.

My limit is about $10 for these items. Some great ideas include:

  • toy cars
  • shopkins
  • stickers
  • hair accessories
  • toothbrushes
  • lip balm
  • mini Lego sets
  • notebook
  • magazine or small book
  • markers
  • always lots of candy

As the holiday season approaches, the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has launched its annual holiday campaign reminding shoppers to think twice about whose stocking they might be stuffing.

Most people love getting lottery tickets, including Scratch & Wins, as a gift, especially if they win! And while scratching a ticket in hopes of a prize definitely feels like child’s play, BCLC would like to remind you they are anything but – lottery tickets are still a form of gambling and shouldn’t be given to kids under 19.

Giving kids lottery tickets may seem harmless enough, but research has shown many adult problem gamblers report starting to gamble at an early age, some as young as 10. Of the many risk factors associated with problem gambling, gambling at a young age is one of the most significant.

So the next time you pop by your local lotto retailer for a few last minute gifts, remember to keep the (underage) kids in your life off that particular list.

BCLC encourages parents to visit to learn more about the comprehensive programs to help players make informed choices about gambling. BCLC also encourages parents and other adults to access our GameSense for Parents program which gives parents tools and supports to start a conversation with kids about gambling.

Congratulations Georgia K. for winning the Indigo Gift Card. Watch your email!

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