Sonora Fire in Stony Plain


Last night there was a fire that claimed an apartment building in Stony Plain; luckily no one was hurt but many families have been displaced from there homes. The entire building went up in smoke and many people lost everything. The Legion in Stony Plain and the Stony Plain Alliance Church have been accepting donations of bedding and clothing since last night.

I am writing this to ask all you wonderful Mama’s to donate to these families that have lost everything. You can make arrangements with me to drop off or have me pick up any clothing (for all ages), bedding, towels, toiletries, diapers, non perishable food items and toys and I will see that it gets to the victims of this horrific fire.

Thank you



Sonora fire


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    Update: The Town has recieved an amazing amount of physical donations for the Sonora Fire Victims and are not accepting anymore at this time. However they are accepting monetary donations which can be given to the Red Cross and The Town of Stony Plain.

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