Spider-Mable T-Shirts Available

spider mable


People across Edmonton, and the world were celebrating on site and were glued to social media last week as Spider-Mable grabbed the attention, and the hearts, of people everywhere. #SpiderMable

Spider-Mable was able to bring people together in a unique way as the six year-old experienced her wish through the Children’s Wish Foundation. To capture just a slice of magic from Spider Mable’s adventure and to help continue the wish granting from the Children’s Wish Foundation, local Illustrator, Jason Blower, has partnered with local print company, Print Machine, for a unique fundraiser. “I am inspired by the generosity of Edmontonians to make an amazing day happen for a little girl that had a dream. I felt that there should be a way to say “thanks” to Children’s Wish Foundation Alberta for inspiring Edmontonians to dream big. We have the opportunity to provide the Children’s Wish Foundation with a way to keep granting these amazing wishes for kids,” said Jason Blower. “So I made a T-shirt to commemorate what Monday meant to Edmonton, and the world, for that matter.” With the assistance of Print Machine, all proceeds above cost are going back to make more dreams and wishes come true.

Pre orders are now being accepted for the shirts that feature an illustration of SpiderMable who “saved my Monday”. Delivery of the shirts will take place in November. There are over 200 pre orders for the shirts already, with funds being donated to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Pre-order available HERE!

Jason Blower is an Edmonton based Illustrator who creates fun and whimsical illustrations of cityscapes, landscapes and storybook narratives. Inspired by the stories of Edmonton’s past, he strives to infuse a sense of warmth and emotion in his paintings. It is Jason’s goal to inspire other to love their city, be involved with it and make it an even better place to live.

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