Spring Cleaning + Organizing Tips for the Busy Family

With Spring in the air, it is time to think about Spring Cleaning, but with the weather getting warmer who wants to spend their time indoors anyways? We have a few simple strategies to make your life easier and more organized so that you will have more time to spend with your family! The first tip is to give everything you own, a home. Meaning if you take the lint roller out of the junk drawer, that is where it goes back. The junk drawer is your lint roller’s “home”. We have curated some ideas to keep those items’ homes looking neat and tidy:

Art Supplies

We use small mason jars and a nice basket to keep all of the art supplies tidy and organized; now each item has it’s own place and it looks appealing to your little artist (and to you)!

Label, Label, Label

We love using pretty boxes and baskets to keep same items together but it is important to label each box and basket with the contents so that each item stays where it needs to be and your baskets don’t become a dumping ground for everything.

Get Creative

We use shelf liner (available at grocery stores, dollar stores, & craft stores) and cardboard boxes to give our pantry an inexpensive makeover! This is a great way to customize the look and size of your storage containers without spending a small fortune on baskets.

Give the Paperwork a Home

This shelf unit holds all of our important papers and allows for them to be somewhat organized. The best part is that this unit is a DIY organizer; all we did was use wire and plastic ties to connect three magazine holders together and turn them on their side (you could also spray paint this for a pop of colour).

Make it Fun

In the spirit of getting organized, I created this dry erase board to be the place where I write our grocery list, things to do and dates to remember. The best part is that it is totally customizable and super easy to do! All you need is a piece of scrapbook paper and a frame; cut your paper to size and put it in your frame. Now you have a fully customizable dry erase board that looks great too!







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